Tafseer-ul-Quran (FEMALE)

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Learn and understand book of Allah by AUDIO and PDF material explaining each ayah of the glorious Quran. Test your understanding by weekly online Quizzes.


  1. To understand the book of Allah, solely to please him.
  2. To apply his commandments in our day to day life.
  3. To get closer to the Almighty Allah by establishing a bond with his Book.


  1. Al Quran, The Holy Book.
  2. Any translation (if needed)
  3. Tafseer PDF material is provided.


Tafseer-ul-Quran audios by Dr. Farhath Hashmi are documented in 4 audios per part (para) of the Quran.

Each Week 1 audio will be posted, along with a PDF material to study.

PDF material is prepared by our team members by taking the content from the authentic books (Tafseer Ibn Katheer and others).

This course includes 2 Quizzes weekly – 1 Online Quiz and 2. Group Quiz – In Sha Allah!

Online Quiz is conducted through website & Quiz link is shared in WhatsApp group on Friday morning.

Group Quiz is conducted in WhatsApp group on Friday 5 – 6 PM IST.

Both of these quizzes can be attended by 4 PM Saturday.

Results and Answers PDF is given on Sunday.