AlRushda Academy is an online collaborative learning platform that supports tutors and students all over the world who would like to teach or learn to or from dedicated individuals. If you are a teacher, this platform allows you to enter your details and allocate students, times to teach them and subjects based upon your input and the expertise. If you are a student, you will be given a list of tutors and subjects that are suitable for your level, category / age based on the input you provide.

Alrushda Academy is currently providing Islamic & Academic education through full fledged courses taught by expert tutors. The academy provides specific subjects to interested students by following self designed syllabus, material, quizzes, homeworks, assignments, tests and much more. We perform continuous progress evaluation by conducting weekly quizzes for each course to ensure that the student is learning. We also provide course progress status to the students so that they understand their level of learning and its pace.

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All praise is to the Almighty Allah who created us with a purpose on this earth. We are best of his creations and we can do miracles if we invest our efforts in right place. We are blessed that Allah has gifted us with Imaan, the most precious thing in the whole universe. Our purpose on this earth is to fulfil our duties as slaves of Allah and to help each other to lead a good life in this world and to strive for better Aakhirah. 

A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good he does in this world for his fellow man” – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 

We are here to help muslim brothers and sisters who are willing to serve for welfare of Muslim community.

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